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Drug trafficking through Central America and Narco Terrorism Prevention

Beginner / Intermediate 

Violent crime and drug-related trafficking pose serious threats to rule of law and development in Central America. Another problem is narco terrorism. Unlike other simple drug trafficking issues, narco-terrorism involves narcotic traffickers who influence politics through violence and intimidation. 

Since it is a problem that has a global effect due to Narco guerrilla, delegates will seek a solution to this situation.


Pangaea Ultima, A World With No Borders & The Countries’ Policies


Delegates of this committee will speak upon the theory of Pangaea Ultima, which is a supercontinent configuration that is thought to occur 250 million years later. They will acknowledge this theory, that there will be no borders left, and put forward their countries’ policies in order to come to a collective agreement and understanding upon the topic.


Crusade of Varna


Several European leaders have just started a military campaign, “Crusade of Varna”, against the Ottoman Empire to check their expansion into Central Europe, especially in the Balkans.

The participants of this committee will face each other as both the European and the Ottoman Empire while representing essential names from both sides.
Global Warming Consequences, Moving to Another Planet

Intermediate / Advanced


Global warming is one of the major issues of our time and its countless negative effects on our lives are getting greater day by day. While the shortage of basic resources are increasing, the matter of “moving to another planet” comes up. Delegates in this committee will discuss the solutions regarding global warming and the possibility of life in another planet.
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The Global Threat of Cyberterrorism
Delegates of this committee will focus on the use of technology to carry out terrorist acts, disrupt critical infrastructure, and cause harm to individuals and societies. The discussion could include the ways in which terrorist organizations are using technology to plan and execute attacks, the vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure systems that can be exploited by cyber terrorists, and the role of state and non-state actors in supporting or enabling cyberterrorism.


Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism, Rising Xenophobia and Radicalism Globally


The more crowded the world gets around us, the more people change places, leave their hometowns and start blending in with people from different cultures, ethnicities etc. That initiates the series of violent extremism, xenophobia and radicalism as individuals repress themselves to adapt. In this committee, delegates will try to find a solution to prevent this series of events and the consequences it may cause.


Illicit Trafficking of Historical Artifacts


Theft, looting and illicit trafficking of cultural property is a crime. Cultural heritage is a distinctive feature of societies and crucial for sustainable development. However, illicit trafficking has become a lucrative activity for criminal organization and has endangered the preservation of the world’s cultural diversity. Delegates will try to find solutions regarding these issues and their consequences in this committee.
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Minimizing the Damage to Biodiversity Caused by Species Going Extinct Due to Human Activities


96% of all mammal species extinctions of the last hundred thousand years are explained by human impact, and over 1 million species are under threat due to human activities. World Wildlife Fund draws attention to the fact that 70% of the animal population has been wiped out by humans in the last 50 years and its alarming consequences both today and in the near future.

Delegates of this committee are expected to discuss solutions in order to minimise the frightening damage this lack of biodiversity is yet to cause to the ecosystem.
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