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Welcome Letter

Dear delegates, advisors, parents, and future diplomats,

It is with utmost excitement that I welcome you to join us for the second iteration of Yeni Yol Model United Nations. I am honored to serve as the Secretary-General of a conference that embodies traditions of education and excellence, and I could not be more excited to host you at our conference. Over the three days of YYMUN, over 200 delegates from different cities and countries will discuss and solve pressing global issues, engage in diplomacy, and safely interact with their peers in the conditions of the pandemic.

I recommend that delegates with little experience with model United Nations simulations read the entire document carefully, as it will provide a thorough introduction to the dynamics of an actual committee session. Familiarity with the flow of the committee will allow a new delegate to jump into debate immediately upon arrival at the conference.

All the focal points of the committees have to be understood carefully. Please bear in mind that study guides are not a comprehensive total review of the issue, and it merely serves as a path through which every delegate can start researching. The course of the committee will require agile reactions to every event, so it is in the best interest of every member of the committee if you were to complement this study guide with other resources and develop a comprehensive understanding of the issue.

It is my hope that the experiences had during our conference will inspire future
leadership, diplomacy, and knowledge that will stay with you for long after our gavel marks the end of closing ceremonies.

On behalf of our entire Secretariat, welcome to Yeni Yol MUN.


Rana Gülcü - Yağmur Onarlı
Yeni Yol Model United Nations 2023

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